Your company services and product information can be at the finger tips of current and potential customers worldwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for less than the cost of a single regional magazine or Yellow Pages advertisement. The number of potential international customers, contacts, and business opportunities are too large and valuable to overlook. If you want a quality web site, Visual Media Lab is the company for you. We have the right combination of business experience, technical knowledge, and artistic sensitivity to make your company's web site stand out next to your competition. Additionally, we are a full service Internet Company that can meet all of your Internet needs. Visual Media Lab will assist you with the design, hosting, and marketing of your web site.

Visual Media Lab is a graphics and printing firm established in Mississauga, Ontario since 1998.
From concept to final product, you can trust us with your design needs.


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Whether you want to sell products, provide technical support or just plain showoff, can help you achieve your online goals. Our operations include:

  • Web design
  • Logotype design
  • Printed collateral Design and Print
  • On-site professional photography
  • Digital photo manipulation
  • Multimedia features
  • Programming (from simple e-mail forms to shopping carts and live video streaming, we will make it work for you)
  • Web site hosting (our server with multiple connections to the Internet backbone and Unlimited Transfers)
  • Web site maintenance (including customer training if required)
  • Web site promotion (we code pages in search engine friendly fashion, and invest significant amount of time into winning placement strategies)

We are an Internet business development group offering the finest in full service web design. From simple sites for the startup business to a power presence for larger companies, we tailor our services to help you maximize your growth on the web.


At VMLAB.COM we code your pages and create your graphics by hand to ensure that your message can reach everyone, no matter what particular hardware or software they may have.

You probably have seen technology overkill such as Java applets that blink, make noise and do not have any real function.
Technology should always be only the means for accomplishing the ends. We believe there are many applications that are aided by advanced technologies.
If you have such application, we will provide the right technology - not flashy gimmicks.


Communicating ... Giving us a call, faxing us or sending us an e-mail is the first step to establish communication. We look forward to hearing from you. After all, we want to be your Web Marketing provider of choice. Our premeiere customers have 24/7 access to our services and support.


Visual Media Lab is proud to provide Internet presence at affordable price. Our experience and research ensure that your site is on the cutting edge, and only you will know just how little it costs.
Call now for a free quote.

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